About Me

148952_10151363007351221_1520255516_nHello and thanks for stopping by Passion In My Pans! My name is Debbie and as the name of the blog would imply – I am a passionate foodie.  Most of my waking hours are spent thinking about, dreaming about, reading about and playing with food.  My blog name is also the name of my new business – Passion in my Pans!  The biz, as well as the blog, is a work in progress, so stay tuned.

On the business side of things, I am providing in-home cooking lessons, cooking demos and creating event menus which include shopping lists and a time-line of how to get from invites to showtime.  The blog will support the business, but also take on a life of its own.  I have several ideas for blog content, however, some things you won’t find here are crock pot recipes, budget recipes or how-to recipes for creating many meals from one can of soup.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but there are many fine, well-established blogs and websites out there dedicated to those topics. What you will find here are recipes which highlight my style and creativity, recipes that are healthy and wholesome, mostly using fresh (not processed) ingredients.

I was born and raised in Burlington, Iowa, a small town nestled along the banks of the Mississippi River.  My summer breaks from school involved my brother and I tending to our huge family garden every morning before we could play.  We grew everything in that garden!  Growing up I thought it was the biggest garden on the planet (everything seems big to a kid).  Looking back I realize how much that garden provided for our family.  Even though we absolutely hated pulling weeds and picking beans, peas, onions, beets, cucumbers, corn, tomatoes, and, and, and . . . I could go on and on, I realize now that I was living “farm-to-table” every day.  Today, society is obsessed with farm-to-table, and thankfully so.  It has always been natural to me to have fresh vegetables vs. opening a can or bag from the freezer.  Even during the winters we were eating our own veggies that my mother, painstakingly spent hours upon hours prepping and canning from our garden.  We put up enough canned fruit and vegetables to last all winter.  Aahhh, those were the good ol’ days!

Today I am a stay-at-home momma with three beautiful daughters, a very busy, hard working husband and a cat named George.  We live in Northern Kentucky but love to spend our summers at the lake in Tennessee.  How did I end up in Kentucky, you ask? Well, about 27 years ago I visited a friend in Cincinnati, loved it, had some job interviews and then some job offers, so it seemed like the stars were lighting my path to move from Iowa – so I did.  Then about 17 years ago, I had a blind date with this guy from Syracuse, NY who had lived in Cincinnati for about a year, 8 months later we were engaged and married a year after that.  Ten years ago started having children and stopped after twins made three daughters.  There has been a lot of details that I skipped over in the past 27 years, but I’ll fill you in with blog posts along the way.

I believe I was born a foodie.  I have always loved to cook and eat and eat and cook.  Growing up, I learned my love of cooking from my parents and grandparents.  My dad loved to create dishes and prepare large feasts to share with friends.  He was always able to prepare huge amounts of food, seemingly effortlessly and that is certainly one trait that I was able to inherit. Before I met my husband, I started a small catering business in my spare time.  I had the opportunity to cater many small events, as well as a couple wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners.  I even joined forces with a friend who operated a small deli and we catered together for a couple years.  After I met my husband, nights and weekends (prime catering time) were much more fun spent with him than catering.  I always carried my love of food, however.  After my twins were born, friends started to come over to hold babies (three babies under 18 months) so I started cooking for them to entice them to stay longer and come back more often.  Adult conversation was priceless!  That started a club we called “Foodie Night”, which went from teaching 3 people how to prepare a flank steak meal to about 25 people once or twice a month coming over to learn, prep, hold babies, drink wine and feast!  One person would take a turn to decide either a cuisine, or a certain dish or even just an ingredient, and from that I would create an entire menu, prepare a shopping list and a timeline.  Then the ladies would do the shopping and come to my house to get started with prep work and the evening would end with much laughter, full bellies, many diapers changed and bottles emptied – both formula and wine!  More good ol’ days!

Now that my oldest is about to turn 10, Momma is ready to start sharing my foodie passions once again!  Hence, the blog and the business.  And that, my friends, is where this story begins.  Stay tuned.